QuestionIf you ever happen to feel like it all of my GIFs are unconnnoisseured as of yet... Answer

Thanks for showing me your work. I will display one of your pieces that I think is successful. I like the morphing animation of your recent work, but the placement of the text is distracting for me. I think that a lot of work suffers from resolving itself too quickly, if that makes sense.   I don’t want to put energy into a piece that already tells me how to feel.  I would recommend checking out David Shrigley for examples of good text/image compositions. One should pay attention to how he accomplishes the communication of a mood, especially that of existential dread, (which I can tell that you’re interested in), but still leaves it open to interpretation, making the experience of his work personal and haunting.   Your work is obviously heavily saturated with the influence of Hertzfeldt (An example is your recent vimeo short or gifs with a kid hanging onto the balloon) and I end up thinking more about Hertzfeldt and less about your work. I would encourage you to experiment with more styles instead of settling on the “stick-figure-kitchz” and Hertzfeldt timing, especially since you found some press with your Chaplin gif.   That being said, you’re obviously very talented I think you have a great imagination, and I enjoy your prolificness.  Keep up the good work. 

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